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These resources will help you enhance your students' learning and improve your own conflict resolution skills as well as your appreciation of the impact of terrorism.

Conflict Management Course Overview

A brief overview of the concepts and lessons contained in the Conflict Management Course.

Teacher Guides


Conflict Management

The Impact of Terrorism


The teacher guides are overviews of the lessons. They are designed to be downloaded and retained as a reference.

These provide a lesson-by-lesson summary of topics and objectives, with suggestions for additional activities you can do to reinforce each lesson at home or in the classroom.

These publications are available in portable document format (pdf). To read pdf files, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader; if you not have Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

Teacher Lessons

Conflict Management

The Impact of Terrorism

Designed specifically for teachers, this online version supplements the student Conflict Management Course and the Special Focus Issue lesson on the Impact of Terrorism.

The teacher lessons give added insight into the subject matter and assist both in teaching and using the skills personally.

The lessons parallel the student lessons. Included in the lesson are numerous topics for discussion, activities and suggestions for teachers and activities for the classroom.

Student Lessons Eight lessons for high school students on the elements of win-win conflict resolution plus a Special Focus Issue lesson on the Impact of Terrorism.



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